Welcome to Inovatti Design

Welcome to Inovatti Design, your new reference in furniture manufacturing and installation. We are a company dedicated to creating inspiring and memorable environments. We are a 100% national furniture manufacturer with modern and new machinery. Based on the installation and assembly of kitchen, bathroom and closet furniture, we have expanded our offer to include excellent services in the assembly of custom-made furniture, ranging from living rooms, residential and commercial offices, to entertainment environments such as movie theaters, in addition to the well-known custom kitchens.


With the need of our customers to install cabinets, Inovatti Design emerged in Orlando - FL in 2019 and since then, we have been committed to providing a quality service with a lot of commitment to the customer and their deadlines. In the year 2023, Inovatti Design, believing in its potential, decided to open its first company to manufacture custom furniture and modular cabinets. And after a large study and observing the market demand, the company decided that Utah would be the headquarters.


Inovatti believes that the impulse for long-term growth and success comes from clear and fundamental guidelines such as:

• Commitment to the customer: Putting our customer first is an essential value for Inovatti. This includes understanding the needs and desires of customers and offering excellent customer service.

• Motivated team: We always seek to create a work environment in which all employees feel valued and contribute to customer satisfaction.

• Passion for what it does: Having a passion for work involves a deep love and commitment for the product to be delivered and also establishes a culture that inspires and motivates all those involved.

• Quality of products and services: Our company constantly seeks ways to improve its products, processes and even explore new design concepts.


In addition to offering extraordinary furniture and in order to make life easier for our customers. Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals offers a personalized installation service in the customized market, ensuring that each part is positioned and adjusted perfectly in your environment. We want the experience of acquiring our furniture to be worry-free, from the choice to the final installation.

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